How It Works?

Solh App works when you (and nothing else) works!

Treat it like your 24/7 wellness ally, your patience partner, your post-pandemic therapist or your always-there ‘altruistic buddy’. It’s finally here to help you stand up, realign your energies for good and face the world. HEAD ON!

Mood Tracking

Pay heed to your mindful musings!
Deceptive at times, moods are 100% REAL.
How often do you dig into your mood-induced reactions and repurcussions?

If not much, maybe now is the time!

Solh App helps you scan your day-to-day emotions in visual media.

From morning blues and energetic noons to busy evenings and hyper nights, your moods resonate your thoughts to a great degree. And you must catch ‘em by every miniscule.

Deep dive to lift your senses on the right track. SHALL WE?

Goal Setting

If only, you can set them right.

Connect with the best of minds to simplify goal setting, scan daily progress and overcome your self-imposed bottlenecks to turn more productive and emotionally balanced.


    Build attention to achieve the goal

  • PLAN

    Set a mini goal like watering plants for 10 minutes or trying a new dessert


    Check your progress daily


Note it down to introspect & think...not overthink!

Solh provides you with an opportunity to note down, reflect on and share your thoughts and experiences with an empathetic community of listeners from similar walks of life.

Market Place

‘They actually understand!’ because it's a community of people who are still figuring out their perception of life.

Solh App aims to create an empathetic marketplace by bringing together non-judgemental people from different walks of life yet with similar experiences in their minds.

Laugh and ruminate over your shared instances and gain fresh insight into your problems.

Besides, what is the embarrassment all about... we are a generation of weirdos!

Share Experiences

Share Experiences

“You have got it bad...someone has got it worse”
…..Does not help? Change it!

It is not a competition.

Solh App aims to creates an empathetic and non-judgemental space for you.

Laugh and ruminate over your shared experiences. Gain a fresh insight to your problems.

Besides, what is the embarrassment all about... we are a generation of weirdos!


  • It's all in your head!
  • Stop whining all the time!
  • You are too negative!

Solh app

  • Let’s talk about it!
  • It’s OK...Not to be ok!
  • Let’s alter the perspective!

Solh App is live Download now!

Our community of listeners, volunteers, and professionals are just one tap away!