The Story

Mann and De-Mann are best friends!

While De-Mann wants to be as chirpy and cool as Mann, his inner inhibitions which have been instigated by several negative life experiences restricts him. He is fearful of tomorrow and highly pessimistic, because he does not want to be hurt again.

Mann radiates a positive energy, yet he never lets go of his friend. He understands where De-Mann ’s negative experiences are coming from and is always all ears to anything he has to say.

Because he believes that together they can cross the horizon aiming towards a new dawn!


I have been doing good but from some time I feel like I am not balancing myself right. I have a feeling that I have been caught up by stress or some mental issues. I feel these in my interactions with people, I am sometimes loud without any reason, disrespectful to peers/family members, sometimes unable to express myself and forcing myself to calm. The job/education/work life/professional life seems to be fine but still I have this feeling of something being not “OK” and that I need some external/medical help.

It does not matter how open or less talkative you are, it can be a condition with everyone.


They are people around you.

There are people around you, who see mental issues as a taboo, who do not realise that it can arise with anyone, and the person would not even realise that he has some issues. The person who says it's fine and there is nothing like mental issue. They see such issues as inappropriate and something that should be kept secretly and should not be openly discussed. They will say that you need not do anything, and it will go away with time, and you do not need to see an expert or doctor. The approach of “don’t think of it too much! You will be fine”. They can be anyone, you friend, colleague, family member, wife or any one around you with whom you talk.

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