Bond over the shared hopelessness.

You will soon find your break in the cloud.

Our society perceives strength as the quality that helps you endure pain.

However true strength lies in healing those scars and working towards a better future.

Connect with one of our professionals and get the help you need to work on yourself.

Chat with therapist

Myth: Weak people seek therapy!

Truth: Smart people seek therapy!

More often than not, people seeking help might feel judged or simply not compatible with their therapists. That's is why Solh App urges you to not feel weird about wanting to change.

We understand that finding the right therapist is hard! Solh App makes sure that it connects you with the person who is best equipped to handle your needs.

Feel heard and at ease :)

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Feel safer together?

We understand your concerns about joining a new platform especially one that caters to your mental health needs. Because let’s be real, no matter how much we urge you to be vocal about your feelings, we have all been raised to believe that pain is supposed to be personal.

Let go of those inhibitions! Connect and chat with your friends on the platform.

Make Solh App your security net, your safety cocoon.

As for fake news and lame have always got WhatsApp!

Connect & Chat with others

Sometimes… Anonymity is the best policy!

While sharing your insecurities with your friend helps, there are things you would rather open up about to a non-judgemental stranger.

We are the messy millennials (don’t feel left out Gen-Z!). The dark secrets to our dating history or futile aspirations could sometimes be best understood by someone who has been through the same.

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