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Solh App is a modern way to invest in your health & happiness.

We believe that mental health is as important as physical health (if not more).

Through cutting-edge technology, we bring you direct access to medical professionals who can understand your thoughts, provide clinical diagnosis and help you improve your mental and behavioural health.

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Types of Coaches

Connect with a wide range of medical professionals that can help you navigate your thoughts, realign your energies, find a purpose and bring you back on the right track!


The talk therapy experts and trained professionals, psychotherapists help you cope with a variety of mental illnesses and emotional difficulties.


Armed with a degree in psychology, psychologists decipher human behaviour and use scientific methods to study your thoughts, emotions, & actions.

Counseling Psychologists

Trained in the art of listening, counselling psychologists can treat underlying problems that explain imbalance in a person with no mental illness.


As licensed medical professionals who specialize in the diagnosis of mental illness, psychiatrists can treat you through prescription medication.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

They are professionals who recognize negative thoughts & behaviour patterns and help replace them with realistic thoughts.

Organizational Psychologists

Experts in psychological principles & research, they study workplaces, identify gaps and solve problems for a productive work environment.

Developmental Psychologists

They conduct scientific studies on how people grow and adapt to different stages of life to help you solve you reach your full potential.

Expressive Art Therapists

Registered under the IEATA, they are trained professionals who use art therapy to help you explore your inner thoughts.

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